Stat Standouts – Gameweek 2

In this series, I will highlight specific players and teams from the gameweek just gone who either posted extremely promising or poor statistics. A lot of the focus will be directed towards players and teams who under/over performed on a weekly basis when comparing output against stats.

The xG Delta stat is the difference between actual goals and expected goals (xG). A high minus figure indicates underachievement and a high plus figure indicates overachievement.

xG Delta Underachievers

Paul Pogba (-0.83)

David McGoldrick (-0.63)

Trezeguet (-0.58)

xG Delta Overachievers

Teemu Pukki (+2.16)

Ruben Neves (+0.98)

Erik Lamela + Douglas Luiz (+0.97)

Team Under/Overachievement

Southampton (Underachievement) – Outperformed Liverpool in terms of xG (1.89 to 1.51) but lost by 1-2.

Spurs (Overachievement) – Scored 2 goals despite only having an xG of 0.11. In comparison, Man City had an xG of 3.23 but also scored 2 goals.

Total Goal Attempts

Defenders – Digne, O’Connell, Ritchie (3)

Midfielders – Sterling, McGinn (6), Bernardo Silva, Mount, H. Wilson (5)

Forwards – Pukki (7), Barnes (5)

Chances Created

Defenders – Elmohamady (5)

Midfielders – De Bruyne (9), Grealish (6)

Forwards – C. Wilson (5), Giroud (3)

Average Positions

  • Ceballos the most advanced Arsenal midfielder.
  • Burnley very attacking – 6 players in opposition half, McNeil positioned as far forward as the strikers.
  • McGinn the most advanced Villa midfielder, only just behind Wesley.
  • Trossard the most advanced Brighton player.
  • Coleman + Digne playing narrower than usual, taking up more ‘inverted full-back’ positions rather than stretching pitch width.
  • Cantwell drifted very centrally with Lewis providing width on the left-hand side for Norwich.
  • Southampton lacked width on the right-hand side with Valery not pushing forwards as much as usual as well as both Adams and Redmond drifting over to the left-hand side.
  • Salah the most advanced Liverpool player by a long way.
  • Man City had 8 players in the opposition half! (Only GK and 2 CB’s not).
  • De Bruyne the most advanced Man City player.
  • Spurs had 10 players in their own half! Kane was only just past the halfway line.
  • Sheffield United very attacking, with almost a front 5 (2 ST’s, 2 WB’s + 1 CM).
  • Mount + Pulisic both more advanced than Giroud.
  • Maddison similar position to Vardy. Fuchs didn’t match Chilwell’s attacking positioning.
  • Dendoncker positioned just ahead of Jimenez.
  • Man Utd very well balanced across all positions, maintaining structure well.

Other Standout Stats

  • Most Shots: Man City (30), Aston Villa (22), Burnley (18)
  • Pukki top amongst forwards for: Goals, goal attempts, big chances, touches in penalty area, shots in the box and shots on target.
  • Most Crosses: De Bruyne (18), Alexander-Arnold (14)
  • Enda Stevens top for defenders touches in final third (38)
  • Sterling – most touches in penalty area amongst midfielders (13)

Written by Nick Pasquet

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